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Future University’s mission includes a global perspective for solving the world’s biggest challenges. The global teams at Future University are committed to support and grow the impact of Future University’s community internationally.

Future University runs its programs and conferences globally. The FU network also works on initiatives to connect with thought leaders in the industry, academia and public sectors.




At FU, our programs around the world facilitate and stimulate disruptive thinking. Future University runs programs and supports a large number of global initiatives that provide a multidisciplinary approach for understanding the core concepts and trends for future technologies. This knowledge enables the understanding of how these future trends will transform companies, industries, and societies through the breakthroughs these technologies will create.

FU Local Representants


To represent our company around the world, FU has appointed Representatives to act as liaisons for Future University in their respective country or region. The Representatives are amazing people, some of which have been selected from our programs.


What Representants Do


Our Representatives are officially recognized as FU members and work on raising money into Student Sponsorship Funds for students from around the Representative’s country. Our Representatives are also focused on keeping track of FU companies and alumni working on local projects.


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