What is Future University? 

Future University is an educational company that selects, prepares, educates, inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to solve humanity’s most difficult problems in health, poverty, education, energy, security, longevity, food, water, and other global challenges.


Why is Future University unique?

Future University’s programs have a focus on future technologies, and on how to use them to help solve the world’s greatest challenges. This combination creates a unique and intense educational experience that complements the existing graduate and post-graduate programs offered in regular universities.


What kind of programs are offered by Future University?

Please check the “Programs” section or our website.


Are FU Programs accredited?

The FU programs are not accredited as in conventional universities. Our programs are formal complements for curriculum enrichment, but we are not a degree-granting institution. Upon successful completion of the Programs, participants receive a Certificate of Completion.


Are courses offered online?

Future University does not offer online courses. Our courses have to be attended in person, but, some of our lectures and seminars are published on our website.


Are courses taught in English?

Yes, courses and lectures are taught in English in all our locations. However, at multiple languages are spoken in break-out sessions and during meals.


Who are the participants that attend Future University?

Future University runs its programs all over the world, and participants have the opportunity to attend them in their country. In general, Future University programs are intercultural experiences, attracting participants educated in different areas of knowledge.


How do I apply to Future University Programs?

All applications are online, on our website www.futureuniv.org


What is the cost of Future University programs?

The cost for the programs can be seen on the “Programs” section of this website.