About Future University

Future University Offices

Future University offices are located in the world-famous Broadway street in New York, in the United States, at the heart of Manhattan. Life at the offices is as good as it gets – it is located at a short walk distance from Central Park and from Times Square, a great location that provides an amazing quality of life. At Future University we are in the center of the world, working every single day to make it a better place.

What is Future University?

Future University selects, prepares, educates, inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to solve humanity’s most difficult problems, such as health, poverty, education, energy, security, longevity, food, water, and other global challenges. Selected entrepreneurs are provided with a clear vision of the world’s most challenging problems. They are submitted to educational programs to be prepared to improve the world and solve its most challenging problems, using, for example, future technologies, such as: 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, supercomputing, genetic engineering, brain machine interface, and many other promising future technologies.

The purpose of Future University Programs is to prepare, inspire, and empower participants to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

Some of our programs Include:

Individuals Program (IP) – convenes future entrepreneurs for 1 week to work on future technology solutions to worldwide global challenges.

Companies Program (CP) – convenes company workers for 1 week to work on future technology solutions to worldwide global challenges.

Future Summits – explores the impact of future technologies on individual areas, such as medicine, finance, manufacturing, and others.

Our approach

Future University aims to create sustainable solutions to difficult challenges in areas as diverse as: education, energy, environment, food, global health, poverty, security, space and water. Our unique approach inspires our students to use future technologies to develop innovative solutions to these challenges at a global scale.
Future University runs educational programs, innovation-enhancing activities, and community-building initiatives. Our goal is for our programs achieve the maximum impact they can towards solving the world’s problems. We aim to unite a humanitarian community of forward-thinking students in a global movement towards a better future.